Señor de los Milagros (Lord of Miracles)

(Co-Director, Co-DP - 2012, Documentary Short)

Lord of Miracles is an observational portrait of the annual procession of ‘El Señor de los Milagros’ in Lima, Peru. At the heart of this Catholic procession is the icon of Jesus Christ, set upon a one-ton wooden frame that moves through the center of Lima on the shoulders of La Hermandad del Señor de los Milagros (the Brotherhood of the Lord of Miracles).


November 20-24th: Society for Visual Anthropology Film Festival - Chicago, Illinois

November 30th-December 1st, 2012: Athens Ethnographic Film Festival - Athens, Greece

October 27th, 2012: Boston Latino Film Festival - Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

February 24th, 2013: Screening Scholarship Media Festival - Univeristy of Pennsylvania

May 14th-17th, 2013: Ethnocineca Ethnographic and Documentary Film Festival - Vienna, Austria

Por Fin Parió Paula (It's About Time Paula)

(Co-Director, Co-Editor, Co-DP - 2011, Documentary Short)

In the urban music scene of Lima, Peru’s capital city, only five percent of musicians are women.  Traditionally Peruvian families do not encourage their daughters to seriously pursue music because they consider it to be unfeminine and unstable.  Amidst this male-dominated musical environment, a group of professional women have come together to create an all-women percussion ensemble called Parió Paula.  Por Fin Parió Paula reveals how these women are discovering power and creativity through percussion. As they overcome their insecurities about playing music they develop a strong community of women unlike anything they have experienced before.


April 24-29th: 2012 Cine Las Americas Film Festival - Austin, Texas

July 21-25th, 2012: Reel 13 Online Film Contest (Winning Film)

July 28th, 2012: PBS BROADCAST: Thirteen/WNET - America's Most-Watched PBS Station

October 11-14th, 2012: Poppy Jasper Film Festival - Morgan Hill, California

Finding D-QU: The Lonely Struggle of California's Only Tribal College

(Co-Editor - 2010, Documentary Short)

In 2005, D-Q University, California’s only tribal college, was shut down after a 35-year struggle. Since then, the school’s board of trustees, past students, and community members have tried to reopen the school against all odds. Finding D-QU looks at the often-conflictive relationship between the board and the property’s illegal occupants. This current struggle frames the history of the school, beginning with its establishment in the midst of 1960s civil rights activism and outlines its original vision as a space for self-determined higher education. The film provides a lens in which we can critically examine the wider American Indian movement toward self-determination and sovereignty in its historical context and as it exists today.


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Official Selection - 11 International Film Festivals