Sintiendo el Tejido/Sensing the Woven, Ethnographic Terminalia Exhibit, San Francisco CA 2012

Interactive installation, alpaca wool and garments, audio landscapes. Collaborative installation is based on 20 months of ethnographic fieldwork carried out in Peru following the supply chain of alpaca garments. As alpaca wool travels from the highlands to Lima and abroad, its brings together Quechua speaking herders and artisans, fashion designers, and development workers into emerging dialogues necessary to produce these objects. 

This piece aims to create a sense of intimacy between production and consumption processes as well as to reflect on the interiority, materiality, history and social composition of an object. As participants interact with the objects activate touch-based sensors that enable an audio landscape of the environment where the particular stage of production takes place: alpaca herding space, artisanal workshop and the boutique/runway. This experience is mobilized through the immediacy of touch and the audio landscape that envelops the social interactions that make the existence of these garments possible. 

Artist Statement and information about Ethnographic Terminalia can be found here.


Colectivo Angora, San Juan PR 2006

Intervention on an abandoned office-corporate building. This work reflected on the use and organization of work-space in corporate culture.

66 Carwash 2006

Urban Site-Specific intervention on a local neighborhood. My site was an abandoned lot commonly used as a sleeping space for junkies.